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“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”
Dr Seuss

The Rainbows Story

Only two decades ago this site was a potato field - no buildings and no sounds of students or happy kids running around. At that time a local farmer heard of the vision that WEC International had to start a college to train workers for cross-cultural mission. As a man who wanted to see this land used to serve God, he donated the site and the ground was broken to commence the building of Eastwest College.

Eastwest College receives students from all over the world - yes people come from everywhere to Gordonton! They also bring their kids and, as such, it was decided this would be a great place to have an Early Childhood Centre and the foundations were laid for Rainbows.


In the year 2000 with the new millennium, Rainbows was opened and not just to college students but to the local community. The uptake from the local community was an unexpected bonus and the centre expanded to meet demand. As anyone with kids knows, the more the merrier, so we saw this as such a blessing.

The centre, its children and the staff are prayed for regularly asking blessing and protection from God, asking that children will develop a healthy understanding of the world and each other through the activities and interactions, through songs and exploring their creativity.

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